The "Luxembourg–Latvia" association brings together Latvians and friends of Latvia who live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the neighbouring region. The association aims to improve communication between Latvian expats and the Luxembourg community, to strengthen ties between the Latvian diaspora in Luxembourg and Latvia and to develop and popularise Latvian cultural traditions and the Latvian language.

Since its establishment in 2008, the association has gathered enthusiastic and active people who have brought the quality of Latvian activities in Luxembourg to a new level. The Latvian community in Luxembourg can be proud of its mixed choir "Meluzina", the folkloric ensemble "Dzerves" and the children’s folkloric ensemble "Mazas dzerves", the Saturday school for children "Strops" and the handicrafts club "Santapslis".

The existence of a polling station in Luxembourg since 2010 has meant that all Luxembourg Latvians have had the opportunity to vote in Latvian Parliament elections and referenda.

Every year, among other activities, the association organises a celebration to mark the independence day of Latvia, supports the presentation stands of Latvian producers and artisans at the Luxembourg annual international Christmas market and at the Festival of Migration, Culture and Citizenship, as well as participates in the programme of CinEast festival, supporting the screening and popularisation of Latvia’s newest films.

We also have many other plans – and we will be happy to hear about any creative ideas that you would like to bring to fruition with us. So join us! Let’s work together. We value your participation and support.

The members of the Association re-elect the board every two years. Currently the board consists of nine members, each responsible for a specific area:

Ieva Freija-Pekati – Chair of the Board
Ilona Čeiča – Deputy Chair and Information and Media
Marija Fadula – Secretary
Māris Briedis – Cashier
Liene Barons – Cultural Events, "Dzērves", "Mazās Dzērves", "RudzuRika"
Jūlija Norvele – Choir "Meluzīna"
Signija Aizpuriete – Latvian School "Strops"
Olga Erta – Representative of the European School
Jānis Līmežs – Active Lifestyle.

Bank details:

A.s.b.l. "Luxembourg - Lettonie"
38 rue des Sources,
L-2542 Luxembourg
LU02 0019 2955 7991 4000

If you wish to become a member of the Association, please indicate "Quotisation de 2023" in the payment details along with the name and the surname of the person the membership fee (EUR 20) is paid for.

If you wish to support the maintenance of this web page or any specific event, please indicate it in your payment details, too.