About Us

The Association "Luxembourg-Latvia" is a public organization registered in 2008 but in fact it started to function well before then. Its mission is not only to unite Latvians living in and around Luxembourg but also to promote Latvian culture in Luxembourg.

Under the auspices of the Association, there has been created a Saturday school for Latvian children named "Strops" ("Hive"). There have also been organized various cultural and informative events, exhibitions and public holiday celebrations, and there was born a tradition to celebrate Jāņi (Midsummer festival) together in Luxembourg. We also collaborate with other organizations and associations, and with the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A number of enthusiasts joined the Association this April, and here you can see the result. This site has been created to continue the previously started work – a new space with one common roof. And quite large. So that there is enough space for everyone. For the folklore group "Dzērves" ("Cranes") and the kids from „Strops”, as well as for all the others. Both for the members of the Association, and for those who will be joining it, and for everyone else – even for those who prefer to stand aside. For the Latvians in Luxembourg and for our friends from other countries. Welcome! There is enough space for everyone.

The members of the Association re-elect the board every two years. Currently the board consists of nine members, each responsible for a specific area:

Gints Stašāns, Chairman of the Board / Church service/ LatvianMoto Union
Inese Grīnberga, Deputy Chairman of the Board / Folklore Group "Dzērves"
Māris Briedis, Cashier
Elīna Pinto, Secretary / ELA / Latvian presidency EU / Cineast
Evija Uloziene, Latvian School "Strops"
Jūlija Norvele, Latvian Choir "Meluzina"
Gunita Puciriusa, Latvian stand in the Festival of Migration, Culture and Citizenship
Kristīne Tudes, Latvian stand in the "Bazar International de Luxembourg"
Inguna Miļūna, Cultural Events

Bank details:
A.s.b.l. "Luxembourg - Lettonie"
42A, route de Luxembourg, 8140 Bridel
LU02 0019 2955 7991 4000

If you wish to become a member of the Association, please indicate "Quotisation de 2018" in the payment details along with the name and the surname of the person the membership fee (EUR 20) is paid for.

If you wish to support the maintenance of this web page or any specific event, please indicate it in your payment details, too.